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Our Approach

Tempo's mission is to level the playing field and empower the world's greatest content creators with a mobile-app platform. There is no one-size-fits all solution to fitness apps. We work with the world’s leading content creators to build compelling and original fitness apps which consumers fall in love with and our partners can monetize.

The platform we have developed at Tempo allows us to quickly and inexpensively design, launch and scale custom apps for our partners. Here are just a few reasons why influencers and brands decide to partner with Tempo:

We build for you and your audience

There is no one-size-fits all solution. Our talented team of designers, product strategists and marketers work with you to understand your brand and objectives to ensure we launch an app that takes notice.

Low risk & high reward

Succeeding with a mobile app product is not easy and most will fail. Challenges are around every corner at every phase. From assessing product-market fit and investing in the costs of design, development required to launch an app to successful marketing and customer retention strategies - a great mobile app business is more than great content.

In partnering with Tempo, we handle these challenges which enables you to focus on creating the great content you know your audience craves.

Speed to market

With our platform, the time to launch your apps from concept to design can be weeks not months. Because of this you can respond to timely trends or simply get to market faster without sacrificing quality or personalization.

In the race, together

We are invested in and committed to the success of your app and digital business. Our team is comprised of entrepreneurs who will help your apps succeed and your audience grow.

Our Process

Explore your vision

Connect with the Tempo Design Consultants to discuss your vision, audience and storyboard ideas.

Design a prototype

Our Engineering Team will mold your vision into mobile apps for Apple and Android devices.

Launch your apps

After final polishing, we will publish your app to iTunes and Google Play and begin monitoring its usage.

Scale and iterate

Once live, we’ll support you to market your app, handle all customer service as well as app operations and begin iterating with new features based on feedback from your customers.

More Benefits

Retain your content ownership

Unlike other companies, we never take ownership of your content.

Content transfering made easy

You’ve likely produced hundreds if not thousands of content pieces at this point. Depending on your vision, we can easily transform these assets into an app experience. From transforming existing PDFs into app format to building an exercise or workout library from your Instagram or YouTube videos - we’ve got you covered.

Flexible monetization

From free/ad-supported and freemium with premium subscriptions (monthly, annually to one-time purchase apps - no matter your vision, Tempo can support you.

Full transparency

You’ll have 24/7, real-time access to a user-friendly dashboard which allows you to monitor the usage and finances of your apps.

Let’s Work Together

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Our Partners


Cristina Capron

Cristina is a certified personal trainer, sponsored athlete and positive body image & transformation specialist. Tempo partnered with Cristina to create CCFit, an app designed to help Cristina’s audience burn fat as well as tone & tighten.