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Welcome, Sassy Woman. The SASS Guide is your all inclusive tool for empowering your fitness journey and life. Build muscle and confidence with daily workouts, discussions and challenges. Let's get sassy.

About Umama Kibria

Imagine yourself crying in a shower at 10 pm on a Friday night....passionless. Cue the beginning of my fitness journey. That's how quickly a transformation begins. All it takes is knowing you deserve the BEST life for yourself. I knew I was capable of more than Netflix & Chillin'. I wanted to create a career that I loved, find adventure through communities and passion for something that empowered me. I found all that through health/fitness. If you could use health/fitness as a vehicle to drive your big goals wouldn't you jump on the burpee train? This is why I've created the SASS Guide. To empower women through strength.

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